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529 million people benefited from rural drinking water projects

  "It is really grateful to the party and the government to help us solve the big thing in drinking water!" On November 17th, the villagers in Shuangtai Zi Village, Shaling Town, Taizihe District, Liaoyang City were pleased to say. Like Ma Qibai, there are thousands of people who benefit rural drinking water projects.

In recent years, the River District of Prince continues to improve the safety work system mechanism of the rural drinking water, set up a rural water supply management station, and arranged full-time staff responsible for rural drinking water work; arrange financial funds for 500,000 yuan, special for buying 上海嘉定品茶上门 rural drinking water third-party management services The professional service team performs filtration equipment for filtering equipment, disinfection equipment, and disinfectant supplements, providing 24-hour "babysitter" property services, fundamentally solving equipment operations Improper quality problems in water quality. The Taizihe District Water Conservancy Bureau also regularly investigates the use of rural drinking water and the operation of water supply projects. For existing problems, according to the principle of "first in a hurry, the first and later light", scientifically formulate construction planning and maintenance conservation programs, Ensure that the investment fund is maximized. Since this year, Multi-Party of the Prince River has raised funds, continuously increase the investment in rural drinking water, accumulating the investment of 1 million yuan, implementing 32 rural drinking water maintenance projects, and enhances people drinking water.

At present, the penetration rate of tap water in the Prince River is reached by%. In order to achieve a benign operation, the 48 villages (communities) involving water charges in the Prince River area have established daily maintenance management systems and water collection prices and water collection methods. The price of water is 100%, and the water charge is collected. The rate reached 94%, of which the water contribution rate of the water supply project of thousands of water supply project reached 上海kb场 98%; the water contribution rate of water supply projects under thousands of water reached 90%.