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Harbin’s 5G signal depth covers the industry in the three rings this year, to answer 5G network construction and operation

Original title: This year, 5G signal depth coverage this year, this year, 5G network? Can you enjoy 5G speed after changing 5G? With 5G, will the mobile phone cost will rise? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed China Mobile, China Unicom Harbin Branch, the relevant person in charge of Harbin, 5G network construction and operations in Harbin. Q: My family lives in the Dolitan district, can I use 5G this year? A: Before the end of the year, not only the security film, but also can use the 5G network within the third ring. According to the relevant state departments, at present, Harbin Unicom, Telecom, Mobile 3 operators build two 5G networks, including China Unicom, China Telecom’s share of a 5G network, China Mobile independent construction uses a 5G 上海贵族宝贝油压论坛 network.

This year, more than 7,000 5G base stations have been built in the city, will realize the depth of 5G network signals in the urban three rings, 9 districts (city) townships, above, 3A and above the scenic spots.

Harbin Unicom 5G co-construction sharing Working Group heads Liu Junpeng introduced that China Unicom, China Telecom’s 5G network will realize the full coverage of 97% of the urban three rings, and China Unicom has also strengthened the base station Zhonghong Station (the important transmission is important The number of hub nodes) is constructed. At present, the number of 5G macro stations in the urban area has exceeded 4G macro station, and the signal of the 5G mobile phone will also be better than 4G network. Q: Do you use 5G network to replace 5G? A: After the end, 5G network depth 上海乌克兰外菜 coverage in the city.

After the user replaces 5G mobile phones, according to the mobile phone, the terminal different operating system, set the enabled 5G network. But in the case of the 5G package, the 5G mobile phone can use 5G network, but only 5G minimum rates, theoretically download speed per second is less than 40m, the fastest speed of the 4G network.

Unlike 4G package, the 5G network rate is more than 4G, and the three operators existing package is different from the cost, and the speed of enjoying 5G is also different.

Taking China Mobile as an example, its 99 yuan package enjoys a 5G basic rate, 129 yuan package to enjoy 5G enchanting rate, 159 yuan, and a 5G speed rate.

Q: What is the price of 5G mobile phones? A: Mobile phone sales market, mobile phones listed after the second half of last year, almost 5G networks, 5G mobile phones can now buy more than 1,000 yuan, and the public can choose different prices according to different needs. Nearly 90% of the major operators have selected 5G networks. However, most of the main operators are mostly used or 4G networks, which are not high in 5G unique applications. At present, the application based on 5G network has been used in many fields such as smart home, smart cities. Q: 5G mobile phone does not have a package, how to settle the tariff? A: When there is no 5G package, replace 5G mobile phone use 5G network, its traffic, call duration, etc., will be executed in 4G. But at present, the three operators of Harbin have no longer promote 4G package. In addition to individual old packages, most of the packages are already 5G package, 4G users can continue 4G package tariffs to the end of the contract.

At present, the 5G package tariff standards of the three operators are not as more than 100 yuan. Taking Unicom’s 5G package as an example, the lowest price is 39 yuan.

The maximum number of people has a maximum of 99 yuan and 129 yuan package, including 600 to 700 minutes of call, 20 to 30G flow and a household 300 to 500m fiber broadband.

Q: Will it use 5G monthly traffic? A: 5G network has high-rate, low-time delay, and Guanglian, and it is easy to generate high flow "illusion" to users. Open the same page, programs or videos, regardless of 4G or 5G, the resulting traffic is actually the same. For example, open the web page under the 4G network for 2 seconds, and in the 5G network, it is not in the second half, and the excess time will let you browse more web pages, video, this is the reason for high traffic. Broadcast is the industry that is currently hot, many bloggers, the large number of large V live broadcasts will choose 5G network.

Harbin Unicom has used 4G and 5G network tests in live broadcast. It has found that the live broadcast of 4G network is more than 2 seconds than 5G network. At the same time, in the use of mobile networks, snapped up the goods, 5G is more "innate advantages" than 4G, 5G network delay is much lower than 4G, crazy snapped "hit rate" higher.

(Reporter Zhang Liuxin) (Editor: Wang Yan, Zhao Yi).