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Feidong reporting high standard farmland construction project library

Recently, Feidong County, Anhui Province in the year 2020 to accelerate the pace of construction projects, while accurate preparation of 2021 annual project design, based on early planning, early arrangements, highlighting the sources of corruption, caught norms, to carry out 2022 annual high-standard farmland construction project library declaration . Feidong combined with the actual construction of farmland, issued "Notice on Feidong 2022 annual high-standard farmland construction work of the project library to declare" within the county.

Clear reporting conditions, emphasizing the resources and ecological protection.

Construction area should be relatively concentrated, water resources protection, soil suitable for the growth of crops, no potential contamination of soil and geological disasters. To prioritize a high standard farmland construction in the "two areas" and permanent basic farmland protection areas, giving priority to the enthusiasm of the cadres and the masses high, strong local investment capacity to carry out high-standard farmland construction areas, giving priority to support high-standard construction area of ??farmland out of poverty. Access to municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises and municipal model farmers’ cooperatives, municipal model of family farms more than the title of the balance sheet and sound operation of the main priorities into the new agricultural project library.

Rational distribution of high-standard farmland construction projects to ensure that the selected block can map storage. High-standard farmland construction project investment plan estimated 2250 yuan per mu. A single high standard farmland construction projects towns declared as the main principle, less than 3,000 acres.

From agricultural enterprises to declare a single project area, in principle, less than 500 acres and not less than the total financial self-financing funds.

By the farmers’ cooperative organizations, professional or large family farms implemented, in principle, less than 200 acres, the self-financing of not less than 20% of the financial resources. Under the premise adhere to farmland, water, soil, roads, forests, 上海哪里可以海选的场子 electricity, technology, pipe comprehensive, water conservancy, focusing on the implementation of measures for water conservancy, agriculture, forestry and other integrated construction, allowing the project area according to "what is missing, make up what is "principles identify specific projects and measures the proportion of investment; integrated rice-fish breeding ditch pit area to the total area of ??paddy field no more than 10%; farm roads (road tractor) investment shall not exceed 40% of the total financial investment of the project.

Strengthen policy advocacy, improve farmers’ willingness to participate in the construction of high-standard farmland, ensure that the project is a project "Farmers want to do" rather than "government arranged." The project area where the township 奉贤南桥水磨 government should organize the relevant administrative villages, farmers adopt democratic means to seek advice on the implementation of high-standard farmland construction project financing money and labor, digging press covering specific issues such as crop compensation commitment, and issue the relevant documents.

Storage material prepared by the unit with appropriate investigation, design qualification, should reach a depth feasibility study report.

"A table, a proof, two books, two map" (the project task schedule, farmers in building high-standard farmland project wishes supporting materials, high-standard farmland construction projects undertaking high-standard farmland construction project proposal, the status quo map project area , plans) is complete.

Annual project schedule from the library project merit-based selection, in principle, not included in the project library items are not included in the annual construction tasks. (Liu Weizhe Fenglian) (Editor: Liu Ying, Zhang Lei).