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Hangzhou Community Cadres and the masses of the masses ask the demand – there are big people on the small round table

  "I really didn’t expect, I sat in the small round table, the problem was solved!" Recently, in the Xinkn Street, Zhejiang, Xihu District, Wenxin Street, Sunshine Community, and the reporter saw Jiang Cai, she is dancing in the dance room. Talking about the experience, Jiang Caiye remembered.

  It turned out that Jiang Lai retired in the past few years, I found several partners to set up a dance team, I am preparing to jump, and suddenly I found a place where the community did not dance. No venue, go to other communities. But the other party only borrowed once, it is not necessarily every week.

No way, they have to jump on the square. It can be seen in the wind and rain, it is sinned; go to the underground garage? It’s no wind, but the car came to the car, and it was not safe … so, the day of 2019, she came to the community secretary Chen Aihua to seek help. When the opinion listened, Chen Aihua understood: the community dance team, chorus, calligraphy team, and no active places are indeed inconvenient.

But the community is surrounded by gold, how is it safe? As a result, Chen Aihua called the secretary of the five communities of the local branch of the five communities: "We and Jiang Ayi, open a small round table, everyone’s discussion." Some discussion, some proposal: there is a community 4500 square meters The building has been leased.

During this time, most corporate contracts expire, some have been rented. "I don’t rent, the whole building is transformed into a fulcrum!" Chen Aihua said.

  A few days later, Chen Aihua came to Wenxin Street Secretary Zheng Fu Liang’s office report, a small round table began again.

Later, the small round table expanded into a street party Working Committee meeting, 闵行吴泾按摩 giving conclusions: "Eating is the people’s livelihood, the amateur life of the people is also people’s livelihood. Let the benefit to the residents are good things!" Finally, after more than a year of springs, transformation, etc. Engineering, Sunshine Community Minsheng Complex was put into use in the first half of 2020. On the first day of the door, Jiang Cai came to visit: There are 300 square meters of study on the first floor and more than 60 koasters. The elderly have a discount; the second floor has a nursing home, the elderly day care center, a calligraphy and painting room, TCM outpatients; The building has a council, multi-function hall, and social organization service center, etc .; the fourth floor is the home of the disabled (the score station), the dance hall … Whether people in the community are very 上海高端桑拿 happy. As early in January 2019, Hangzhou has built a "public opinion through train" working mechanism and open the door.

"Volunteers," is the extension of this mechanism.

In the small round table, it is relaxed, not in the mud form, listening to the residents to tell the truth, and do things for the residents.

In the past few years, the troubles of thousands of people lived in the small round table were resolved.

"There is a big people’s livelihood on the small round table!" Jiang Qingyi commented on.

  "Hey!" In the office of Chen Aihua, the reporter was interviewing, someone knocked on the door, and a resident came in: "I want to give a recommendation to the community.

"You sit here.

"Chen Aihua asked him to sit next to the small round table. Hey, another small round table will start! Editor: Ma Jiang.