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Chengdu Jintang crisp ripe Jane Lee cited selling local agricultural products

People’s Network Chengdu, July 20 (Wang Jun), now, it is the 上海水磨会所网 season of Qingcheng, Qingtang County, Jinbang County, Jinbang County, Chengdu, Chengdu, Jinzhou, Chengdu, Jinbang, Chengdu, Jinzhu, Konjac, Qing Dynasty, and a green egg. Lee hanging branches crisp, full of fruit exudes a rich fruit, picking scene came to an endless stream of tourists.

The reporter learned that Chengdu Jinmens Konjac Professional Cooperative is the core of entrepreneurship in the entrepreneurship of the town. The relevant person in charge said: "In addition to planting Qingyi Li, there is a cherry, konjac, etc. It is in the development of the combination of farm travel. The town has a total of 2,395 mu, the output is about 400 pounds / mu, with a total output of 10,000, and the output value can reach 9.58 million.

Next, we will continue to actively respond to the relevant content of the county on "rural residence", and brighten the brand of Jintang Qingyi Li special agricultural product brand.

"It is reported that Jin Tang County took the lead in the first part of the district and counties in Chengdu, the area of ??Hui Li Industry, the total number of crispies, the cultivation area, the dangerous area of ??10,000 mu, the annual output of Qingman Liwan, the total sales value of nearly 100 million yuan, It is an important specialized economic industry in the county in recent years to agriculture and farmers.

In 2007, Chengdu Sixth Fruit and Vegetable Professional Cooperative took the lead in introducing Qingyi Li planting, mature in the end of June, more than half a month, more than half a month, and the city and Wenchuan area, a month. Because of its delicate, delicate, good taste, good flavor, good market prospects, is well received by consumers.

In 2018, in the Chengdu Sixth Fruit 上海松江保健一条街 and Vegetable Professional Cooperatives, the "Company + Base + Cooperative + Farmers" has been promoted, and the radiation will drive boom (now the dragon), Zhao Jia, Gao Shent, Jinlong, Pingqiao, etc. The development of townships and towns has formed a comparison of the competitive advantage of the thousands of acres of Qingyi Li.

In recent years, Jinotang County has been combined with industrial integration development. Through the "official warehouse summer pick map · Sure you", "Meet Jin Tang · High Sheet has Li", etc. For the theme rural cultural tour, the picked and other sections, the picking section of the borrowed, Rural tourism, etc.