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For 上海浦东品茶网 the study abroad, don’t miss these policy benefits.

More and more study abroad chooses to start business in Shanghai, and the study abroad of Shanghai work and entrepreneurship has reached more than 200,000. Come to Shanghai to create an international staff, can you enjoy what policy treatment, meet what conditions can enjoy talent project fund support, financial support, tax preferential policies, settlement in the Students Pioneer Park, where will provide …… Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau On the 3rd, I have released reminders to come to Shanghai, don’t miss the policy benefits. How to define the study abroad? Students (including foreign abroad, including foreign abroad), must meet one of 上海油压按摩会所论坛 the following conditions: (1) The public or attributable to abroad (territory), and won the country of 上海水磨419 bachelor’s degree from the country (in the country; (2) Acquisition of university undergraduate or higher academic qualifications or intermediate and above professional and technical positions, and to national (environmental), scientific research institutions, access to scholars or training personnel to obtain a certain result. What can study abroad to invest in Shanghai in China? In the country and the city allow and encourage investment industry, studyers can use technology patents, scientific and technological achievements come to Shanghai as a technical transfer, technical contract, technology and share, etc., can also jointly organize enterprises or joint ventures with the city. Individual or overseas registered company in Shanghai to invest in Shanghai.

What policy treatment can I enjoy to create an alleged business in Shanghai? How to define the business business? Students can enjoy entrepreneurial guarantees, initial institutions, accounting subsidies, outstanding entrepreneurial project rewards, and scientific and technological innovation prizes, and scientific and technological innovation coupons.

Students generally have to serve the leaders of the company, and the venture capital (including technology into the stock) and the risk investment of the company accounted for more than 30% of the company’s total investment.

What are the support of the school’s business support? Strong innovation ability, large development potential, good market prospects, can be delegated by the Studying Agent Growth Park to recommend the "Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program", "Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program".

Participate in the "Reporting · In Shanghai", the study abroad won the victory of the entrepreneurship contest, which is directly supported by the Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program.

For the selected national project, it can earn 1 million yuan of fund support according to the regulations; For the outstanding entrepreneurial projects participating in the national and Shanghai Entrepreneurship of the "China Creative Wing" Entrepreneurship and the new show activities and the winning entrepreneurial projects will be given to the provision of up to 200,000 yuan. Is there a financial policy for the company’s business? Students can enjoy the national and this city’s entrepreneurial guarantee loan policy according to the regulations. Small micro enterprises can enjoy the loan period for up to 2 years, the maximum amount of 3 million yuan, the loan amount is less than 500,000 yuan, and the application is exempted from Provide anti-guarantees for arguing, pledge. After returning the principal and interest (including advanced payment), 50% of the daily loan market price (LPR) can be administered according to the loan contract, and the interest rate does not exceed the actual period of the loan. At the same time, Shanghai encourages all kinds of financial institutions, domestic and foreign venture capital funds, private capital, etc., in accordance with the relevant provisions of the country and the city, establish a venture capital funds. Support commercial banks to promote financial products and service innovation, develop financial products that meet the characteristics of enterprises, strengthen financial services to returning home business. Encourage guarantee agencies and re-guarantee institutions to provide loan guarantees and re-guarantee services to returning to China to return to China. What tax preferential policies can I have to enjoy? Students can enjoy tax preferential policies in accordance with relevant regulations. For high-tech enterprises that are key supported by the state, reduce 15% of tax rate levies corporate income tax; study abroad companies carry out research and development costs actually in R & D activities, can be deducted according to relevant national regulations.

VAT small-scale taxpayers in accordance with relevant conditions, enjoy value-added tax exemption or deduct preferential policies.

Conditional small micro-Japanese companies can enjoy the corresponding corporate income tax preferential policies.

What services are available for international students in the entrepreneurial park in the Studying Abroad? At present, this city has established Zhangjiang, Jiading, Caohejing, Science and Technology, Hongqiao, Ji Wei, Xuhui, Baoshan, Yangpu, Putuo, Medical Valley, Lingang, Qingpu (Yangtze River Delta), Minhang and Jing’an and other 15 study abroad Personnel Growth Park.

Students will provide registration, tax agents, business, training, high-tech certification, project declaration, legal advice, training, high-tech certification, project declaration, legal consultation, international cooperation, providing research and development, intellectual property, investment financing and other professional services, Simplify the procedures, reduce the links, to register for the benefits of lease, financial support and information services to register in the park.

At the same time, assistant enterprises to declare national and national government funded projects in accordance with proceedings, have a number of entrepreneurial launcher support for students in innovation capabilities, high development potential, high development potential, and good market prospects.

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