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Beijing Dongcheng Sports General Administration, the "Art" and Artistic Exhibition

People’s Network Beijing October 20 (Pool Dream) In order to improve the comprehensive capacity of community social organization, guide the self-interest community social organization to the public welfare, the 19th, Dongcheng District Sports Community Community Community Social Organization The group launched the literary performance of "Art". The performance is divided into two chapters of "co-concentration culture" and "promotion of volunteers", through songs, ensemble, poetry reading, exhibiting cultural style of community volunteer service team, and combines party history education, safety education, garbage Classification and other community key work to carry forward the spirit of volunteer service. The performance in the song "We are the song" Singing Mountain Song to the Party ". Through the form of chorus, ensemble, song and dance, three sentences, reading, etc., will sing the party, sing new life, party history knowledge, resident safety, national anti-fraud, garbage classification and other elements, so that residents learned public safety in the laughter , Garbage classification knowledge, improve 上海按摩微信群 anti-fraud, transfer positive energy. According to reports, the Sports General Administration "Art Travel Welfare" literary performance activities are independently initiated, planned, organized by the social organization of the community, planning, organizing, organizing, through team members, replay, and finally showing a entertainment party for residents. Education, safety knowledge, garbage classification common 上海水磨网 sense is a comprehensive performance. The hearty chorus team song "We are the singer of the era", the words are self-created by the team, the lyrics of Lang Lang’s mouth, the delicate and gentle melody makes the song deep into the hearts. It is understood that the Heyue Choir players actively play the model leading role in community construction and social governance, participate in the community-resistant epidemic, garbage classification, social control, etc. volunteering, actively participate in volunteer service activities such as weekend health clearance , Contribute to the development of community development and the construction of beautiful homes. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.