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Create a red hub of the party group service center of Dashia Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone

The party group service center in Daya Bay District is located in Science and Technology Innovation Park, No. 1 Science and Technology Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Daya Bay, Huizhou, is the first district party center service center in Huizhou City.

At the beginning of 2020, the Daxia Bay District Committee proposed the "first-class development of the party to create a first-class". The completion of the Dashiwan District Party Service Center is launched in the formal construction of the "1 + 2 + 3 + N" Party Group Service Center in Daya Bay Area. In order to implement the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Huizhou Municipal Party 上海龙凤阁 Committee strengthen the relevant work requirements of the party’s grassroots organization construction, build a new pattern of grassroots governance sharing, Huizhou Daya Bay District Committee to study Shenzhen and other advanced regional experience, build Dashiwan District Party Group Service Center, give full play to the party organization battle fortress role and party member pioneering model, focus on the construction of "1 + 2 + 3 + N" party service center system system, the construction of the District, Street, Park, Village (Community) Party Group Service Center Implement synchronous planning, classification management, comprehensively complete the construction of grassroots party organization activities. (1) Exploring the integration full-featured professional service platform for establishing the party construction leadership, serving the masses, and the fusion of the production city.

The central annual normalization is open, the theme party day, party members associated, cultural and entertainment, theme salon and other activities, ensuring that the center "often opens up often", give full play to the demonstration of the town-level party service center headquarters hub; In addition, using the "Rubik’s Office" set up a new era, multi-functional room, talent station, "two generations of a member" studio, work and women’s office, mobile party members and other 12 ribilities; Resource Setup Psychological Consultation, Legal Aid, Red Book Bar, etc., Forming "12 + X" function layout. (2) The professional team "997" established a multi-product. The center is carried out by the full-time party worker team to regularly formulate activities, and the joint associations, work and young women and other departments are developing party training, skills training, etc., enhance the team’s party sexual cultivation and service level.

All facilities are open to the party members and the people, providing all-year uninterrupted daily operations and access services, service time is 12 hours / day (9: 00-21: 00). Establish multiculturalism, introduce the regional school "two new work committees" party school, Komantong Garden University, District Gongshui, etc. Activity position.

(3) Playing education functions and builds the "Creative First-class Party Building" brand. Through the history of the district history, the party history party building exhibition, the scientific interaction and other functional districts, carry out party members and cadres education and training activities, providing services for the centralized organizational party classes, revision into the party’s oath. Using location and platform advantages, enriching a batch of party building work brands; the first county-level "two" work committees of the city "two new" work committees, "two new" party activities; carry out party building + cadre training, party building + Social Service, Party Building + Cultural Leisure and other activities, built a group of special brands such as "Social Censions". At the same time, pay attention to the development of economic and social development with party construction, through the national incubator brand of Kobang Group, strengthen the "party construction incubator" construction, build the party building in the park, building the building, and provide a solid positional guarantee for the "first-class party to promote first-class development".

Concentrateing the powerful strength of co-constructing sharing, the center has become an important window in promoting Dasa Bay.

Since the enabled, the center continues to receive provinces, municipalities and districts The theme of the party, and the party members have visited more than 5,000 people, and the "two new work committees" party schools, Komantong Garden Commission, District Lieza Association, Petrochemical Park Party Service The Center and other organizations jointly organized more than 100 of the various party construction and salon activities, enhanced the satisfaction satisfaction of the Dashi Bay people. The party group service center of Daya Bay, played the "headquarters hub" function, with the central high-quality construction operation, demonstration to strengthen the streets, parks, villages (communities), "two new" organizations, etc. Party service center strengthening function, improve service; Play the "Education Hub" function, carry out the "Reading · Junxin" reading sharing, "I am a party member, I will first go up" and other immersive teaching series activities, enhance party members’ education training effect; play "service hub" function, enabling Huizhou The county "two new" Working Committee Party School, "Financial Alliance", "Party Enterprise Straight Bat", Industrial Service Salon and other activities, actively carry out policy propaganda, talent services, improve the level of party members, service development overall situation , Struggle to promote the high-quality building of the high-quality building in the big sub-bay area, and strive to strive to be an important support area for the first-class city in China. (Delivery unit: Huizhou Daya Bay Science and Technology Enterprise Accelerator 上海高端自带工作室 Joint Party Branch).