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Afghan military post was attacked by Taliban death

Xinhua News Agency, On May 3 (reporter Shi Xian Tao) Afghan official said on the 3rd that the Taliban militant hit was attacked by the Taliban militant post, causing at least 20 soldiers to lose their lives. Muhammad Nurzizi, Vice-Chairman of Fara Province, said that the Taliban militants have implemented a bomb attack on a military post on 上海各区工作室资源 the morning of 3 days, killing at least 20 soldiers and occupying the whistle.

Muhammad Jahd Jajard, Fara Province, said that the Taliban also attacked a military inspection station and killed 6 soldiers.

At present, Taliban has not responded to this.

The US and NATO military officially began to evacuate Afghanistan on May 1st, which planned to be withdrawn before September 11. With the date of the withdrawal of the dismantled troops, the domestic attacks 上海新茶嫩茶vx in Afghanistan is constantly increasing, and the security situation is increasingly deteriorated.

Taliban spokesperson Zabiula Mujahid issued a text on May 1, the US and NATO military did not complete the evacuation before May 1, violating the agreement signed by the US and Taliban, Taliban will take action to combat the United States and 魔都品茶论坛 NATO army.

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