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Comprehensively create a new era of modernization and strong construction

  General Secretary Xi Jinping 上海水磨会所服务 pointed out in the Party’s History Education Mobilization Conference, to promote the whole party vigorously promote the red tradition, inherit the red gene, and continue to maintain the spirit of the revolutionary, and take the new journey,The spirit of the new era.

The important instructions of the General Secretary reflect the deep and historical view and strong historical responsibility. For us to do not forget the joy, bear in mind the mission, learn the nutrition of the party history, enhance the strength of the new era, and take a good direction of the new era.It provides a fundamental follow.Shandong is the revolutionary old area, red hot soil is one of the first provinces of the Chinese Communist Party to establish party organizations.Qilu Dadi countless heroes went to success, dare to sacrifice, formed red culture represented by Yimeng’s spirit, has created a unique red gene.Party spirit and people’s high unity, loyalty to the party and loyalty to the people’s high level, is the distinctive characteristics of red genes, highlighting the Chinese Communists’ initial mission.

The party organizations at all levels of Shandong have always maintained the flesh and blood of the people, one generation of hard work, and promoting Qilu Dadi step by step by step by poor to rich and strong gorgeous butterfly.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly visited Shandong to inspect and published an important speech.

In these years, Shandong Jin Ji Ji Ji Jin Ji Yin Ji, the integration of red genes into the reform and development of the reform, and constantly giving new era connotations, and promoting the new era of modernization and provincial construction continue to achieve new achievements. In 2017, on the basis of in-depth investigation, in the basis of exploring, the target ideas and new and old kinetic energy conversion concepts were clarified. In 2018, the top design, sputum layout formed, formed in the new era of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, "In the comprehensive construction of a well-off society process, walk in the new journey in socialist modernization in the forefront, fully created new The modernization of the modernization of the times "is the target, with the new and old kinetic energy conversion, the village revitalization, the marine strong province, to create the eight major development strategies of the open new highlands, regional coordination development, with comprehensive deepening reform into the guarantee, to be strict The governing party is the overall development pattern of the leadership. In 2019, it was determined as "work to implement the year", and the important instructions of General Secretary General Secretary in the province will be actuated as the important instructions of General Secretary General Secretary, pay close attention to implementation. In 2020, it was identified as "key work to attack the year", focusing on the important instructions of General Secretary of the Popular Secretary, launched nine reforms such as public health, talent system, and the rule of law environment.

This year, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, the service and integration of the new development pattern, focusing on the implementation of the national major strategy, scientific and technological innovation, etc., "seeking breakthrough", ensuring the "14th Five-Year Plan" Good step.

In the work, adhere to the important instruction requirements of General Secretary General Secrets, the important instructions of General Secrets, are included in the inspection inspection, supervision and inspection, etc., annual organizes "look back", and ensure that the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping shall be in the land of Shandong, flowering results. Through continuous learning of General Secretary General Xi Jinping’s important instructions on Shandong work, the province’s upper and lower thoughts are more unified, and the idea goals are clearer, and the essence of officer is united. In particular, the party’s leadership is constantly strengthening. The party’s construction is deepening, and it is comprehensive from stricting part of the strict treatment to the depth of depth, and the spirit of cadres is new.

The optimization of political ecology leads a series of trends, critical changes in all aspects of the province. Economic ecology is accelerating optimization. The new old kinetic energy conversion has achieved results and continues to consolidate. Since 2017, there have been more than 110,000 companies in "scattered", complete the "13th Five-Year Plan" coal consumption pressure reduction task; "four new" economy accounts by 2017%% Improved to last year, high-tech industrial output value accounts for more than 1%, and has improved a percentage point in 2017, high quality development.

Government ecology is accelerating optimization.

The system is innovative, the process is continuously deepened, "a window acceptance · One way" reform has achieved remarkable results, the provincial and cities and counties three-level administrative power matters are reduced by%,%,%, and enterprises have compressed to 1 day by 20 days. "Pocket" matters more than 2,000, 3 years agreed to add tax cuts to enterprises more than 43 million yuan, and the market main body increased by more than 1 million households.

Natural ecology is accelerating optimization. 8 landmarks in water, gas and other fields have achieved remarkable results, the concentration is more than 37% from the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan", and the proportion of excellent days is increased, and the national control floor water assessment section improves a percentage of water body, Qilu Dadi Mountain Green, clean, air clearer. Social ecology is accelerating optimization. The people’s lives continue to improve, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the general public budget in the province is more than 80%, and the annual urban new employment is more than 1.2 million, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reaches 43726. Yuan and 18753 yuan, urban and rural income gaps are reduced from 2012: 1; cumulative reduction of poor people, more than 600,000 Huanghe Tan District people will realize all living this year. Since last year, the province has resolutely implemented the party’s central decision-making deployment, overturns the prevention and control of epidemic and economic and social development, and the work has achieved remarkable results. In 2020, the production of millions of dollars in the whole provinces, growth%, general public budget revenue growth, increased by 5%, and fixed asset investment growth%. In the first quarter of this year, the total production value 419论坛上海品茶 of the province has increased by 18%, which increased in the same period in 2019. The average growth per year, and the economic operation accelerates into high quality development tracks.

  Efforts, cast glory, fully highlight the political advantages leading the Chinese Communist Party and the system advantage of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully highlighting the wise decision and strong leadership of the Party Central Committee. Make up the new journey, for the new era, we must unite the "four awareness", strengthen the "four consciousness", and "two maintenance", to achieve "two maintenance", "two maintenance" At the stage, implement the new development concept, service and integration into the new development pattern, anchoring "walking in the forefront, full creation", struggling to integrate 闵行上海油压群 strength, development, scientific and technological innovation, reform and opening up, people’s livelihood improvement, governance efficiency, ecological construction In the forefront, implementing science and education strong province, cultural province, health strong province, modern agriculture strong province, advanced manufacturing strong province, marine strong province, digital strong province, new energy new materials strong province, traffic strong province breakthrough, comprehensive opening The modernization of the modernization of the times will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with excellent results.

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